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what is seo

What Is SEO In Detail

SEO Search Engine Optimization is one major topic for every beginner in the website or blog industry. Thousands of people search up the term “SEO” each day. Nonetheless almost all digital marketers and bloggers use this very industrious tool to make sure they stay on top. You may have heard about SEO with phrases like rank on google or bing, SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and other terminologies. If you have questions like what is SEO and how do i use it, then this article is for you. What is SEO? Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is simply a method of improving...

Add Sitemap To Robots.txt File

How To Add Sitemap To Robots.txt File

If you find yourself here then chances are that you are a website owner or developer looking for how to add sitemap to robots.txt file. You are probably among the many people who want to do all they can to build the website authority. As well as get your website appearing as high up the Google search results as possible. No doubt, one extremely important part of this improving SEO and ranking high on google search is allowing your website pages to be crawled and indexed by search engine bots (robots). Behind the scenes, there are two different files that help to...

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